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My passion for decorating began as a hobby. After years of creative pursuits including directing, producing, scoring and editing original content, I finally had a budget to decorate my own home the way I had always dreamt. From there, I fell in love with the process. Friends of mine would reach out for advice and some over the past several years even contracted me to decorate their homes, leading to referrals and several design opportunities.


Naturally I am a minimalist with an innovative and instinctive eye and emphasis on combining vintage and contemporary pieces, to create stunning, engaging and functional  designs.


At my core I'm a story teller and ecclectic individual. What excites me is tailoring my clients home to fit their individual personalities and life style, while conveying a cohesive story through colors, textures and timeless pieces of furniture.


I’m an individual in the truest sense - from my eclectic style, to the diverse array of music I listen to and the emotive art I like to surround myself with. When I divorced my husband after a brutal break up and decided to start completely fresh in a new, spacious yet white walled 2 bedroom apartment.  I didn’t know where to begin. However I was certain I needed to create a new home quickly, one that truly represented me and only me (this is hollywood)! Unfortunately, realizing this Vision of myself, by myself, and in a short amount of time would be expensive and time consuming, if not impossible, and my career dominates much of my days and nights. What August created for me within my relatively fixed time and budget was nothing short of extraordinary. He applied Ingenuitive approaches like refurbishing an old desk with textured metallic wallpaper to make it feel hip and new or removing the unsightly sliding doors from closet spaces to create gallery-like installations for my musical instruments and paintings. He has an almost magical ability to quickly learn who you are and what you need before you even know yourself and he allows this deep sense of your character to influence all the decisions he makes. But arguably most impressive is the way in which August's design choices tell a complete story of you that literally unfolds as your guests move through your space. I couldn’t have dreamed of the home that was created for me during this difficult life chapter and I’m forever grateful.  



August designed my apartment during the 2020 pandemic. He went above and beyond to make sure he created a space for me that felt warm, Inviting, relaxing and also collaborative. His attention to detail and ability to provide out of the box concepts really provoked me and was one of the many highlights of working closely with him. He is a talented and creative individual and just a pleasure to work with. Obviously I highly recommend him. 

-Bobby O'brien

August has an incredible eye for dimensions and color. He can uniquely create "wow" moments in every room. His creativity produced design aesthetics I've never seen before in any other house or design magazine. He made my cookie-cutter house into an elegant yet cozy environment. He is dedicated to incorporating your design aesthetic with his own to create something remarkable. He was dedicated to my project and spent ample time researching items and pieces to find ones I absolutely loved. This is a challenging feat since I am very particular, but he stepped up. His most impressive talent was his ability to find one-of-a-kind unique antique pieces! I can proudly say that you would find nothing in my house in any home. I live in San Francisco, and any unusual or antique pieces are far overpriced. August could discover unique pieces at a 10th of the cost they would sell for at a showroom in San Franciso. His talent and passion for what he does in inspiring and remarkable. 

-Carvel Brown

We didn't know what to expect going into this experience as we've never hired a designer before. August from the start made us feel at ease with simultaneously excited about the possibilities of decorating the home of our dreams which he certainly did with confidence and poise. We really loved his aesthetic and he did a fantastic job at incorporating that with pieces we initially had that we were very attached to. It was lovely working with him and we couldn't be more happy with the outcome.


There are decorators and then like August there are true artists and visionaries. He conjured ideas that were undeniably compelling and really superseded what I thought was possible on my budget and timeline. He's so attentive and considerate and completely authentic. It was a joy working with him and he has a bright future ahead.


I could not recommend August more. During our delightful time working together on improving my condo, we became great friends. His creativity is a force and Iv'e never been more proud of my living space and that's all thanks to this wonderful and immensely kind and talented human.

-Dan Lynotte

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